What next for the former candidates?

Between creating a movement and running for the legislatives elections, the ten former candidates are deciding which path to take after Macron’s victory.

Benoît Hamon

Crédit: Radio France/ Anne Audigier

Benoît Hamon, the candidate for the Socialist Party, declared in a recent interview that he will start a movement. The project will be disclosed on the 1st of July. His goal is to “rebuild an inventive left wing that will exceed political labels”.

The movement “will be nourished by the work of intellectuals, of this innovative and democratic citizenship and that we executed during the campaign”. However, he does not intend to leave the Socialist Party. Hamon had 6% of the votes for the first round of the presidential elections.

François Asselineau

The candidate for the Popular Republican Union, François Asselineau, is running to be an MP for the 10th constituency of Seine-Saint-Denis.

François Fillon/ Jacques Cheminade

François Fillon, from Les Républicains, and Jacques Cheminade, candidate for Solidarity & Progress, have not disclosed any information about their future in politics.

Jean Lassalle

Jean Lassalle, founder of the party ‘Resist’ said in an interview to Sud Ouest that he does not know if he will run for the legislatives

Jean-Luc Mélenchon

The leader of La France Insoumise, Jean-Luc Mélenchon is aiming at the legislative elections. He will stand in a position to represent Marseille, where he had one of his best performances, with around 90,847 votes. His rival is Patrick Mennucci from the Socialist Party.

Marine Le Pen

As for Marine Le Pen, candidate for the National Front, the future seems unclear. The resignation of the young MP Marion Maréchal Le Pen and her withdrawal from political life started the debate about the position of the FN for the legislative elections. Marine still does not know if she will run to represent the 11th constituency of Hénin-Beaumont.

According to Jean-Lin Lacapelle, the assistant secretary of the party, Marine Le Pen “has not made a decision”. He hopes she will stand as a candidate. A source close to Marine says “it is a difficult choice for her” and that she is “exhausted”.

Nathalie Arthaud

Nathalie Arthaud, from the Workers’ Struggle (Lutte Ouvrière) will run for the legislative elections for the 6th constituency of Seine-Saint-Denis.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan

Crédit: Reuters

The image of the FN was also shaken by the uncertainty of the alliance between Marine Le Pen and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. Both candidates had agreed to work together for the legislative elections. However, Dupont-Aignan said in an interview to BFM TV that “the National Front cannot have the monopole of the opposition”. His party will have candidates facing the FN during the elections.

Phillipe Poutou

Phillipe Poutou’s The New Anticapitalist Party is gathering funds for his party to stand for the legislative elections.

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