Who is Brigitte Macron, France’s new First lady?

The new First lady appears to be a rock to her husband, who she has been married to for 10 years.

“I am ready for anything. I have always been ready for anything with him (Emmanuel Macron)”. Brigitte Macron appears as a constant support for her husband.

Credits: Voici.fr

Emmanuel Macron told the media if he was to be elected, then France “would have a real First lady”. He also explained she would not be paid with public money, but she would “have an existence, a voice, a certain look, in (Macron’s) intimacy, as she has always had, but she’d also have a public role”.

“I am ready for anything. I have always been ready for anything with him ”

Brigitte Macron, born Brigitte Trogneux, was a French high school teacher who gave drama classes to Emmanuel Macron, in Amiens, in the Picardie region, where they are both from. At that time she was a wife and mother of three. She is 24 years older than him. Emmanuel Macron was 17 when they fell in love. She confessed she was “captivated by Emmanuel Macron’s intelligence”.

“Whatever you do, I’ll marry you” Macron to his wife, when he was his student

Their love story did not appeal to a lot of people and created a scandal in the Trogneux family. Two years after meeting his teacher, Emmanuel Macron told her “whatever you do, I will marry you”.  In 2007, their dream eventually ended in a marriage in the Touquet, in the north of the country, where they live.

Since Emmanuel Macron’s rise to power, the couple has been on the front page of many magazines, putting their personal relationship in the limelight. They are used to waving and grinning widely for the cameras. The new President has even used his relationship to illustrate some of his political messages, to break away from the conventional ideas of what a family should be because he “doesn’t have a common family”, but “it doesn’t mean there is less love in this family”.

Credits: Martin Bureau/AFP

Since June 2015, Brigitte Macron has stopped teaching. She withdraws from education in order to follow the political career of her husband. She now has to decide on her role at the Elysée.

Credits: ABACA


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