The day after the election

It’s official, Emmanuel Macron became the 25th French president and received 66,10% of the votes against 33.90% for Marine Le Pen. After the results were revealed on Sunday evening, Macron thanked all his supported during a speech in front of the pyramid of the Louvre museum. The fun doesn’t stop here for the newly elected president who has a busy week ahead of him before the official transition of power ceremony on Sunday 14th May.


Macron and Hollande at 8th May celebrations in Paris – © STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN/AFP


The official agenda

This morning, Macron attended his first official ceremony as a newly elected president for the 72nd anniversary of the 8th May 1945 victory, alongside François Hollande. Together, they laid the traditional wreath at the Arc de Triomphe. Macron also received the congratulations of many politicians who were at the ceremony, including former president Nicolas Sarkozy.


Macron and former President Nicolas Sarkozy at the 8th May celebrations – © PHILIP WOJAZER/AFP

Later today, he will attend a special meeting at the En Marche! headquarters in Paris, to officially resign as the party leader. It was also announced by his team that the rest of the day will be dedicated to planning the next few weeks, including the upcoming legislative election in June. The party will reveal all the official candidates of the legislative later this week.


It was also announced that the pro-European president will celebrate the Europe Day on Tuesday 9th. On Wednesday 10th, Macron will meet Hollande once again to celebrate the National remembrance day of slavery and its abolition, after the last council of ministers of the mandate. In the afternoon, he will also attend the funeral of the deputy Corinne Erhel in Brittany. The same day, the official results of the second round of the election will be proclaimed and published the next day, with a detailed list of the president’s assets.


A new government

This week, Macron will have to put together a government with his new Prime Minister to stand between now and the parliamentary elections. He did say that he will put together a government including a third to half of experienced former politicians and two-thirds to half of civil society actors.

The next important step will be the legislative election – © Assemblée Nationale

Transition ceremony and inauguration

The official transition of power and inauguration ceremony will be on Sunday 14th May, for the first time on a week-end, at the end of the week when Hollande’s mandate officially ends. The ceremony follows a very specific protocol. He will go to the Elysée palace where he will discuss private issues with Hollande, including the codes of the Nuclear weapon. He will then visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier under the Arc de Triomphe and then go to the Paris City Hall.


Starting next week, his schedule will get even busier for the President who will have to move into the Elysée Palace, name his Prime Minister, his government, begin the legislative election process and implement his first measures. He will also attend his first official presidential trip for French soldiers operating abroad, without specifying the date and location. Finally, Macron will head to Germany to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


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