The French Report condemns Marine Le Pen’s “obstacle to freedom”

The French Report decided to join the consortium of journalists who wrote a statement signed by 29 companies about “the obstacle to freedom” created by Marine Le Pen and the National Front in this presidential election.

This is a response to the decision made by her and her party to decide which media outlets would be able to access Le Pen’s political rallies and follow her campaign.

We all believe the freedom of information is absolutely primary to our democratic society, especially in such a historical moment for France. A new chapter will open for the country in less than two weeks. The citizens of France deserve to know the complete story.

Absolutely no candidate in a democratic process is legitimate enough to have a say on which established and respected media can attend rallies. Considering some media outlets more legitimate than others is an insult for the professionals but it is first and foremost an insult for the thousands, if not millions, of French people who get their information throughout several media publications across the country.

Journalists from Mediapart, Quotidien, AFP, Radio France, Le Monde, France 24, Libération, RFI and Marianne have already had access refused in getting their own “exclusive”.

Le Pen has gathered a record 21.30 % of the votes at this first round of election, but it still gives 78.70% of the electorate who did not decide to put her name in the envelope on 23  April.  Therefore this gives nearly 79% of the French people asking for our duty to inform as they have the key choice to make on  7 of May.

Alongside all the signatories, The French Report believes this is a form of censorship and goes against the global and  French journalistic values that we try to uphold. We strongly call for Le Pen to stop refusing the access of certain media to her political rallies across France.

Signed by :  l’AFP, Europe 1, Alternatives Economiques, BFM-TV, Capa, Les Echos, Le Figaro, France 2,  France 3, France 24, France Culture, France Info, France Inter, L’Humanité, Libération, Journal du Dimanche, M6, Mediapart, Le Monde, L’Obs, Le Point, Premières Lignes, Quotidien, RFI, RMC, RTL, Télérama, LaTéléLibre, TF1.


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