Jean Lassalle – Résistons !

Originally a farmer, Jean Lassalle became mayor of his town of Lourdios-Ichère in the South-West of France in 1977 and then deputy in 2002. He created his party in 2016 called “Resist” and is running for the first time for president at 61.

His programme

Lassalle wants to dedicate 44 billion euros of the budget each year for new expenses in which he includes hiring new public servants in many areas such as education, police and health. He wants to bring back mandatory military service for men and women.

His second major policy is focused on spending 3 billion euros every year for agriculture. Lassalle wants to change the way France treats its farmers, the way they are paid and the pressure they receive from the EU to meet environmental measures that often require them to take out loans.

Finally, he wants to reduce unemployment by creating apprenticeship schemes that students can start at 16 years old in order to experience both theory at school and practice within a company once they start high school.

“ I will stand firm with Trump because I have faced bears and wolves”

Jean Lassalle created a ‘buzz’ in France when asked how he would manage to act in front of very charismatic leaders like Vladimir Putin or Donald Trump. His answer (see above) characterised him as a very ‘rural’ political figure. To get the 500 signatures required for this election, he decided to walk across the country in order to get known by Mayors but also the electorate. He made 6000km to bring back an “equality among all the territories”. 



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