Jacques Cheminade – Solidarity & Progress

Jacques Cheminade graduated from HEC school of management and the National School of Administration before working as a civil servant at the Ministry of the Economy and Finance. In the 1980s, Cheminade started a political career in the European Workers’ Party. A few years later in 1996 he created his own party, Solidarity and Progress. The 2017 presidential elections mark his third attempt at Presidency after running in 1995 and 2012.

His programme in brief

Cheminade believes in a state that is more active and at the heart of financing the economy. He wants to distance the state from Banks and other establishments that “corner all the power in that area”. He also believes in an economic planning system that would increase citizen participation and dedicate more money to research. His programme includes an exit from the Eurozone that will “collapse very soon”.

Regarding his foreign policy, Cheminade wants to leave NATO and the EU. Instead, he wants to establish a “Europe of Nations” where only the six founding countries of the EU, plus Spain and Portugal, would have joint projects. He wants to tighten France’s partnerships with the BRICS and is in favour of lifting economic sanctions against Russia. Finally, his policy on immigration involves creating job quotas in order to control the numbers. But Cheminade also believes that in order to regulate immigration, France has to develop its cooperation with more African countries by contributing to great infrastructure projects. Finally, he wants to create a programme that would offer over 600 hours of French lessons.


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