François Asselineau – Union Populaire Républicaine

Francois Asselineau, much like his opponent Jacques Cheminade, graduated from HEC school of management and the National School of Administration. He then started a career as an inspector of finances before working as an advisor in the ministerial governments of Edouard Balladur et Alain Juppé. Asselineau is running for president for the first time since creating his party, the Popular Republican Union, in 2007.


His programme

Asselineau is in favour of a Frexit. He strongly believes that within the EU, France is losing its sovereignty and that those elected do not have “all the powers” but powers given by three major institutions: NATO, the European Commission and the European Central Bank. He believes these three institutions control policy on many levels, economy, diplomacy and military, and in order to restore France’s independence, we must leave them. Moreover, Asselineau wants to nationalise many companies that have a major influence in the French economy in order to start a “return to our nation”.

Finally, Asselineau plans on bringing back the franc. He believes a departure from the Eurozone would depreciate the franc and make French exports more competitive, boosting the economy and lowering unemployment.


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