To understand everything on the Second Presidential debate tonight

After the first debate, which took place on March 20th, a second one is organized this Tuesday, 4th of April. It will be broadcasted on BFMTV and CNews, two main news channels. This time, the 11 candidates have been invited.

How the show will be organised?

It will be the first debate with all of the candidates, after a first one organized on March 20th with the polls’ five favorites, broadcasted on TF1 and followed by more than 10 million people.

Where to watch it?

Here are links to watch it live :

  • BFM TV :
  • CNews:

The UK branches of En Marche!, the Parti Socialiste and Les Républicains will also show it live in pubs in London.

A three and a half hour long debate

This Tuesday at 7:40pm (UK time), the 11 candidates to the presidential elections are going to answer the two journalists’ questions during 3h30 hours, in front of an audience of 220 people, mostly composed of the candidates’ close collaborators.
The journalists explained how this interview is going to be structured and insisted on the fact that in front of the candidates, they “better show some complicity”.


Organisation of the Debate


Introduction: “who are you?”

As an introduction, the candidates:  Nathalie Arthaud, François Asselineau, Benoit Hamon, François Fillon, Jacques Cheminade, Nicolas Dupont Aignan, Jean Lassalle, Philippe Poutou, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will have one minute to answer the question “who are you?”

Three themes

Then, three topics are going to be discussed:

  • “How to fight unemployment”
  • “How to ensure the people security”
  • “How to establish their social model.”

After the first topic, there will be a 6 minutes break, thus allowing the candidates to discuss with their collaborators. During the debate, the use of cell phone will be forbidden.


To conclude, the candidates should also answer one final question: “How can you bring the French together/create a French unity?”


The only debate?

This second debate should be the only one featuring all of the candidates. Indeed, France 2 did planned a third debate in the 20th April but some candidates, like Jean-Luc Mélanchon, already announced that they won’t take part in it because of the first round happening three days later.

Picture: ©Photo AFP


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