Macron polishes his programme

 Emmanuel Macron talked about education, immigration, terrorism but also the political situation in France during an interview with AFP.

  • A focus on the education in the suburbs
On Education, the French candidate wants to give more autonomy to public schools and “liberalise” the school system in France:


“We need to adapt the education programme according to the schools, the area and the teachers. We need to give schools more flexibility to adapt to all those criteria”.


He is also completely in favour of the positive discrimination in the suburbs. He proposes to give a bonus to companies hiring employees from priority suburbs. In these areas, the French candidate wants to reduce the number of pupils to 12 in first and second year of primary school. Concerning the teachers, Macron thinks that they should “be hired on their participation and adhesion to a pedagogical project or different pedagogical techniques”.

  • Macron “does not want to make promesses that you cannot keep” concerning the right to vote for foreigners
The priority should be to facilitate the access to obtain the French citizenship. By doing this, the former finance minister hopes to “fight absenteeism that is way too settled, especially in the suburbs. In 2012, while running for the presidency,  François Hollande promised to give the right to vote non-French people in local elections. However, he never had the necessary majority at the Parliament to do so.
In this interview, he stated that he is “favorable towards clarifying the rules to obtain the French nationality, with a real language examination”.
Notwithstanding, Emmanuel Macron also specified that he will implement “rigorous policies to take people without permit of residency  back to the borders.”


  • “We should be very careful with the vocabulary we use”
On Terrorism, Emmanuel Macron’s answer to terrorists organisations and counter-radicalisation is “authority”. According to the En Marche! leader, the fight should be done on a smaller scale too : dismantling organisations advocating certain values and helping communities and local associations.
“The Muslim Community in France has to feel safe and free to live their religion”.
  • The French candidate wants to seduce the middle class
He explained that his programme is answering to the “insecurities” and moreover, the “cultural insecurities” felt by the middle class “attracted by the Front National”.
Concerning the right, he estimates that François Fillon is “becoming the Sarkozy of 2012”, without the vitality. Emmanuel Macron is hopping to attract the center and right voters looking at the actual situation in the party Les Republicains.
He summarises the actual political situation in France by saying
“The right talked to   the successful France, the left talked to the popular France, the one in great difficulty. They have forgotten the middle classes that are the working France, the France that fights to succeed, the France that built our history and is the base of the projects and the identity of our population.”
Little by little, Emmanuel Macron is revealing more details of his programme. A programme that wants to tacle many issues of the French society to, at the end, reach a wide electorate.

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