Emmanuel Macron’s former cabinet under investigation : first bump in the road for the candidate

The French Financial Prosecution Agency (PNF) is investigating Emmanuel Macron regarding a case of “favouritism” during an official trip to Las Vegas in 2016. Macron was still minister of the economy at the time.

The investigation has surfaced following an article in the french investigative newspaper “Le Canard Enchaîné”, publication responsible for the outing of the Penelopegate.

Emmanuel Macron was in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and attended a “French Tech Night” party,ordered by the minister’s cabinet. The event was put together last minute and the organisation was given to the company Business France promotes French tech abroad and depends of the Ministry of Economy.

However, the organisation was done last minute and Macron’s cabinet did not call for bid on other companies. The party cost almost €400,000 to the French government to invite over 500 guests in a chic hotel in Las vegas.

Many politicians have reacted to the article, calling for a more thorough investigation from the financial agency, on Emmanuel Macron’s former cabinet and the company Business France. The PNF is currently still investigating the case.



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