In Marseille, Hamon tries to exist

Benoit Hamon, the Socialist candidate, was in South of France to hold a meeting on Tuesday night in front of 2500 persons. In the difficulty to find some coverage with the different extra-political affairs that are concerning French politics at the moment, Hamon had tonight a new opportunity to show the electorate that he holds a very socialist program.

He regretted that François Fillon made the debate absolutely “inaudible” because of the allegations of fake jobs that polarised the attention over the last few days. He also pointed out the “transhumance” of many members of PS who recently decided to join En Marche leader Emmanuel Macron.

He also evoked a wide range of issues such as:

  • Palestine: Hamon confirmed that he would recognise it as a state if elected. For now, it is only recognised by the National Assembly and the Senate.
  • Europe: He reaffirmed his intention to renegotiate the financial debt of Southern countries (Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy). He linked this idea of economical debt with the “ecological debt” that “can not be negotiated”. The Socialist candidate wants to build Europe around environmental issues. On this topic: Five runners, five shades of Europe
  • Social Justice: All along his speech he mentioned the idea of a strong equality between all the different parts of the society. Indeed, Hamon explained he would take a greater care of the seniors and disabled and also promised he would reduce the numbers of students per class in Educational Priority area. Any “liberal” proposals about education and social justice “must be put aside”.
  • He finished his meeting by defining himself as a strong progressive politician. Indeed, he was proud and happy to have supported the gay marriage for instance. He followed up by saying that, as a president, he would enhance the assisted reproductive technology.

Fourth in the polls at the present time, Hamon has been criticised for not showing enough “strength” in his campaign by many members of the Socialist party. On Thursday, he will precise his program to the electorate to hope gaining more legitimacy, less than 50 days before the first election night.


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