Emmanuel Macron’s programme in 7 points




First, his plan is to invest €50 billion to boost the French economy, including investment in employment and environmental policies. He wants to lower taxes for companies from 33.3% to 25% and lower the tax on wealth. He also wants to exempt 80% of the French population from paying housing tax.

Looking towards Europe, the former minister wants to tax major companies on their net worth accumulated in France and wants to give priority to European companies on the market.



Even though Emmanuel Macron is planning on cutting 120,000 public service jobs, he wants to add between 4,000 and 5,000 teaching jobs that he considers to be “necessary”. Macron also advocates autonomy for public schools, especially regarding recruitment and the choice of pedagogy. He also wants to reduce the number of students per classroom to 12 in primary schools and implement a complete ban of mobile phones in high schools and colleges.


Employment and pensions

Macron wants a universal system for unemployment care and retirement pensions that would be more “transparent and efficient”. He wants to end the special pension regimes to stop inequalities between employees from the public and private sectors. Macron also wants to stop contribution rates for extra hours, a policy that was in place under Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidency. However, Macron does not want to change the age limit for retirement.



Regarding the environment, €15 billion will be allocated to greener policies in line with the Paris agreement.

The COP21 was a “brilliant first step for the environment. We must build on that”, as he said himself.


Foreign Policy

Emmanuel Macron has outlined three objectives for his foreign policy: security, the fight against climate change and the defence of economic interests.

His international policies also focus on the European Union and the Euro Zone that is “in great danger”. The German-French duo is an essential pairing that is at the heart of Euro Zone stability, which leads the EU at the moment, both countries should maintain this partnership at all costs. According to Macron, “we must recreate the European dream” and recreate a “strong european strategy”.

 “we must recreate the European dream” and recreate a “strong european strategy”.


Whether on a national or international level, Emmanuel Macron has made clear that security and defense will be his main priorities. On a European level, Macron wants to put in place a military force of 5,000 coast guards in partnership with European partners and the creation of a European Defense Fund that will finance military equipment and provide a permanent European headquarters.

On a national level, the candidate suggests the creation of a “permanent police” and has promised over 10,000 new police jobs over his presidential mandate. The judiciary system will also be updated with a “sanction for every court sentence” and an expansion of French prisons to house 15,000 additional individuals.

Regarding the fight against terrorism, Macron considers it to be of “highest importance”. He wants to set up detention centres for “foreign fighters”. Finally, he wants to spend 2% of the GDP in the defense budget.

Social policies

One of Macron’s main social policies is gender equality. “A national issue” anchored in French society, but also in professional and political aspects. He did not give the details of his policies on that topic but assured that “the issue will be seriously tackled”.


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