Glance at the future: Jean Luc Melenchon just made two meetings at the same time

7787088942_jean-luc-melenchon-en-double-meeting-a-lyon-et-aubervilliers-le-5-fevrier-2017.jpgThe French candidate from the “La France Insoumise” movement innovated yesterday by doing a meeting in Lyon and projected his hologram in Paris at the same time.

It was a very busy weekend for French politics that ended with the feeling that the race for the Elysée has now really started and promised to be tough.

Lyon was the centre stage with three candidates who hosted a meeting over the weekend in the second biggest city of France. The idea of this weekend was clear: while the old parties (Parti Socialiste and Les Republicains) are sorting out their domestic affairs in Paris, the new and rising movements trying to move away from the two-parties system all gathered and attacked each other in the same city

Emmanuel Macron, founder of the En Marche movement, launched the hostilities on Saturday with a meeting who gathered 16000 people.

Marine Le Pen gathered around 8000 on Sunday while Jean-Luc Melenchon seemed to have taken the biggest part of the cake.

In total, it is around 18000 people who have seen live the Far-left candidate’s meeting, his 16th meeting since September 2016. But for the first time ever, his speech in Lyon was reproduced live in Paris through a hologram (see video below).000_lf5w0_0.jpg

A pretty innovative technique that seemed to have put Melenchon ahead in the souvenirs the French would have of this weekend. His speech was based on the innovation and the future as he declares he wishes to be “looking way on top of the horizon”. To his mind, the digital is opening new possibilities as much as it closes some and it is only by planning and cooperation that France could be a leader in the research for new technologies and anticipate the future.

He focused a long part of his speech to the culture and the education, two aspects of his program he is very clinched to put ahead and be different than the others candidate.

He attacked a couple of times his opponents of the weekend, Mr Macron and Ms Le Pen. He qualified the first as “a proper liberal” and Ms Le Pen as an “ignorant and close minded”

Based on humanism and the effervescence of the human condition, Jean Luc Melenchon is well known throughout the country for his eloquence and his ability to address strong and powerful speeches.

More on this weekend in Lyon :

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